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What Pier III does and delivers to its customers?

The activities developed by PIER III in ports and fishing areas are focused mainly on the construction of conceptual projects for the implementation of port and fishing terminals, in the preparation of EVTEAs (Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Studies) to support port and fishing biddings, including early and ordinary extensions, densification process, onerous use assignment, contractual rebalancing processes, "Project Finance", in the preparation of PBIs (Basic Implementation Plans) and PBAs (Basic Environmental Plans), environmental licensing; as well as advice on bidding process (pre and post publication of the notice).

All these studies consider the existing variables in the PNLP (Port Logistics National Plan), in the PDZ's (Zoning Development Plan), in the MPs (Master Plans) and specific regulations of each port as well as consider information from the PGO (Grant General Plan) disclosed by the Ministry of Ports and Civil Aviation Transport at each period.

In addition to the planning instruments considered in the developed studies, other legal variables are also considered: Law 12815/2013, Decree 8033/2013 reviewed by Decree 9048/2017, ANTAQ Normative Resolution 07/2016, ANTAQ Resolution 3220/2014 and follow-up of the most recent TCU (Federal Court of Accounts) judgments regarding ports.

Considering the importance of the quality of projects and studies, we seek to maintain a perennial dialogue with the decision-makers of the sector such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Supply, the National Secretariat for Ports, the Secretariat of Agriculture and Fisheries, Regulatory Agencies, the Planning and Logistics Office and the Special Secretariat for the Partnerships Program of the Presidency of the Republic.


Rely on us for the most crucial calls for your projects!

Since 2008, Pier III has offered specialized engineering and consulting services for projects, studies, reports, technical diagnoses and management of procedures.

The company counts on a team of engineers and project managers with large experience in the area, besides several specialized partners such as lawyers, biologists and project designers, whom are hired according to the specific needs of each job.

Throughout its history, Pier III has provided services to important companies all over the country, in the most diverse areas of expertise. The high level of quality of its work is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Very high technical accuracy;
  • Full synergy with the requirements of the competent and regulatory bodies of the sector;
  • High level of assertiveness and excellence in the delivery of services/studies.

Some of our customers

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